Enhancing Home Accessibility Post-Injury

Gaining access to your home is something most of us take for granted. However, after a catastrophic injury, this access becomes crucial. Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) that were once simple can become significant challenges without proper adaptations.

With over 10 years of experience working with workers’ compensation insurance companies and cost containment companies, we specialize in providing custom rehabilitation and home access equipment. We aim to bridge the gap between previous capabilities and the new, post-injury landscape.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of custom rehabilitation and home access equipment, including:

  • Complex Power Wheelchairs
  • Ultralight Custom Manual Wheelchairs
  • Manual Wheelchair Power Assist Devices
  • Manual Tilt-in-Space Wheelchairs
  • Custom and Off-the-Shelf Seating and Positioning Components
  • Overhead or Modular Ceiling Lifts
  • Stairlifts (Straight and Curved, including the Curved UpLift System)
  • Vehicle Lifts for Power Mobility Devices
  • Home Access Ramping Solutions
  • Vertical Platform Lifts
  • Stairs that Convert into a Platform Lift and Back into Stairs for General Access

We are dedicated to helping workers’ compensation patients and payers/plans by providing essential equipment and training to ensure a smooth transition to a more accessible home environment.


Lead Evaluator


Seating and Mobility Specialist

Certified Environmental Access Consultant

RESNA #49078



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