To help you learn more about our company, we’ve compiled a list of testimonials we’ve received from our referral sources and customers. Due to HIPPA reasons we have omitted many of the customer names.

“WHAT A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!!! Terrell went above and beyond all expectations and was so helpful and pleasant to work with. His smile was infectious. This man needs to win some type of service award – in today’s time it’s hard to find high caliber workers in the service industry. Let me tell you, you all have a gem. For me to take the time to write a note like this has to be an indication of how impressed I was with his professionalism.”

I am writing to thank you, Chad & Steve for coming to help us during our flood at the facility Saturday evening. The crisis was very overwhelming for us and their help was invaluable in helping us evacuate the neighborhood. Both of your men were willing and able to do whatever was needed to help, including pushing beds down the hill and giving up their jackets to keep our residents warm… I am not sure if you are aware of the extent of the crisis but the entire neighborhood was heavily damaged and it will be several months before we are able to occupy that area again. I want to assure you that we will continue to support your organization and we appreciate all that you do for us.”

“I have visited your store in person and am thoroughly impressed with it. The personel have been pleasant, welcoming and helpful any time I call or visit. I am a new client of Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment and wish I had known about y’all sooner. I wish to single out Serge Mukha for accolades. He is very knowledgeable and willing to answer any question I have. He is very good at introducing me to new products. I don’t recall my earlier provider ever telling or showing me anything other than the set up I originally got several years ago. Serge seems to be a fine young man and a definate asset to your company.”

“We just wanted to take time to thank you for making our search for a power wheelchair so much easier. Before coming into your office we had stopped at other home medical shops but did not find the kindness and professionalism we found with you. During an already difficult time, it makes such a difference to deal with someone who knows what you need and wants to help you get it. Thank you and your staff for all your hard work.”

“Chris is one of a kind.  People are not as nice as he was coming into my home.  My hat is off to him.  People don’t care any more.  He needs to be told about this as he is an asset to your company.  Thank you so much.”

“The knowledge and politeness of this staff is the best I have ever worked with.”

“Chad is awesome!  He helps us so much, goes out of his way even when it doesn’t directly benefit him.  He’s a GREAT rep!”

“I want you to know how much we appreciate what you have done to help my dad. We are at a difficult time and your kindness and professionalism have made things easier for us. In our dealings with the other medical supply shops, we came to know just how special you folks are. We are bragging on you and would appreciate it if you could send some business cards to share!”

“My visit on 11-12-2012 to receive my new CPAP machine was so pleasant. From the time I walked in the door till I left, I was treated professionally and with friendly staff. I actually asked if you were hiring, thinking of coming out of my recent retirement!!”

“The family of **** thanks you and Ashley for your assistance with our mother’s motor wheelchair. Mother did pass away after suffering a massive stroke. We commend you for exceptional service and your kindness in assisting us at this difficult time exhibits caring and compassion, qualities that are rare in today’s business world. We impart the Lord’s blessing for continued prosperity for your business and personal lives.”

“I was in Charlotte on business last week and had broken a clip on my CPAP mask. Being away from home, I was not in a position to get the part from my regular provider. I spoke with someone in your Matthews, NC office and they were not only able to find the clips I needed, but would not accept payment for providing them to me when I ran over from across town on my lunch hour. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the name of the young lady I dealt with over the phone-but please be assured that I found everyone with your company to be very professional and helpful-characteristics that would be a credit to any organization, in any sort of profession. I take my CPAP for granted at this point and would have had to endure 5 or so days in a row without its use had it not been for the staff at Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment. Were I in Charlotte, I would be a regular, loyal customer.”

“I am so happy with the friendly, knowledgeable people there.  They are so pleasant that I prefer to go pick up my CPAP supplies instead of having them mailed to me.”

From Angie’s List: Carolinas Home has provided us with wheelchairs and sleep apnea equipment. My wheelchair use started November 2012. My husbands’s sleep apnea equipment use started approximately June 2012. This is a rough date.  My husband’s cardiologist prescriped sleep apnea equipment, and my husband met with them to decide which kind of mask and equipment would be best for him. The representative spent quite a lot of time helping him choose the right one from a lot of types. She explained everything in detail. She was very pleasant and knowledgeable. When I broke my ankle, I asked the doctor for an order for a wheelchair. Carolinas Home brought the wheelchair to our house. When I was finished with it, they came and picked it up.  The procedures were quite smooth. They know what they are doing, so that decisions are easy to make as to which equipment is best for the situation. Their office is comfortable, with separate cubicles for the consultations. The rep even laughed at my husband’s jokes. The company works directly with Medicare.”

From Angie’s List:  “My husband was prescribed a replacement Bi-PAP (Bi-Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, similar to a C-PAP) machine for obstructive sleep apnea. We went to this company to make the purchase.  We went to Carolinas’ Home Medical Equipment because we had experienced poor customer service from two previous local providers whose employees were not well-educated, and were poorly trained. We had a very positive experience with our new provider, in particular, respiratory therapist Sonya Pearce, RRT, RCP. Sonya was clearly an expert in her field. She was very knowledgable about the various brands of equipment available. She gave a detailed description of the machine we ended up buying, and patiently explained all aspects of its use. Sonya answered all our questions and provided extra tips that were not included in the machine’s accompanying user’s manual. We were quite pleased with this company’s professionalism and service and plan to use them for all of my husband’s future medical equipment needs.”

From Yelp:  “For a few years, I had been using another supplier, but since we moved further out, they are now a bit of a drive.  Also, their service had gone somewhat downhill (actually quite a bit downhill).  Upon searching, these folks came up as a reasonable option: Close by and willing to help. Naturally getting prescriptions is a bit of a challenge, but that is always an issue, so you cannot really fault them for that, and they were very helpful throughout, even when I walked in off the street, we were out of network with our insurance and had no prior relationship – an entirely different (and welcome) experience from the prior supplier.  Even when finding out that we were out of network, they went online and found out providers who were in network and printed out a list for me.  Nice.”

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