Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment has partnered with Medela and Spectra to offer high-quality, breast pumps to new mothers in the Charlotte Area. Our available options include the Medela Pump in Style and the Spectra S1Plus, both known for their comfortable, efficient pumping. For a small fee, we can even ship your new pump to any location throughout North and South Carolina.

Purchasing Your Breast Pump Through Insurance in Charlotte

Up until recently, nursing mothers were expected to pay out of pocket for breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories. Now, the Affordable Care Act requires most health insurance companies to pay for breast pumps like it does for other medical equipment. To file your insurance we’ll just need a prescription from your doctor, your insurance information and the date of birth of your child (pumps cannot be dispensed until after your baby is born).

Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump

The Pump In Style Advanced by Medela is the #1 Mom-Recommended Breast Pump Brand. This is a daily use double electric breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day. This option has a built-in pump to the On-the-Go Tote which allows discreet pumping wherever you are and lets you store supplies and keep expressed milk cold even when you’re at work or out running errands.

2-Phase Expression® Technology

Through research, Medela learned that there are two distinct phases of how babies breastfeed.

Stimulation Phase – when babies first go to breast, they use quick, shallow sucks to stimulate milk flow or “let down.”

Expression Phase – after milk flow or “let-down” starts, babies nurse with a slower, deeper suck, bringing out more milk faster.

The Pump in Style offers two modes to mimic each phase of how babies nurse, leading to more efficient, comfortable pumping.

Spectra S1 Breast Pump

Featuring a quiet motor and a built-in night light for nighttime pumping, the Spectra S1 is a portable, rechargeable, closed system breast pump.  This pump uses Natural Nursing Technology offers a “massage mode” to mimic how babies nurse before milk begins flowing, has adjustable suction levels to provide a more comfortable milk flow, and back-flow protection which keeps milk from entering tubing and protects it from dangerous bacteria.

Visit CHMEI Breast Pumps to Learn More!

To get your breast pump through insurance, visit CHMEI Breast Pumps, a division of Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment or call us at (704)846-7503. We’ll walk you through our simple three-step process toward getting your preferred pump, and provide you with the information you need to make an informed, confident decision.