Oxygen is 21 percent of the air we breathe and is essential to life. However, when our lungs are damaged, obstructed, or restricted, they cannot oxygenate the blood. Having supplemental oxygen can raise your oxygen percentage and improve the health of your cells, and therefore, the rest of your body.

Providing Charlotte with Oxygen Therapy Equipment

Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment provides oxygen therapy and nebulizer therapy to current customers and new patients in and around Charlotte. We work with doctors including pulmonologists, cardiologists, and primary care physicians to connect their patients with the ideal oxygen systems for their needs. Our inventory includes oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen, and a full line of oxygen supplies.

We believe in providing personalized customer service and comprehensive education to our customers. That’s why we work to educate every customer on Invacare’s homefill oxygen system which allows our patients to fill their own small portable oxygen cylinders from their Invacare concentrators.  This provides oxygen patients in Charlotte with improved freedom and independence to get out and live life fully while still having an unlimited supply of oxygen.

Our service doesn’t end with the initial oxygen dispensing. We provide on-going service, including following up with our customers at a minimum of a semi-annual basis for oxygen concentrator checks. We take special care to monitor the oxygen purity levels and ensure proper equipment function. If at any time, you need emergency oxygen service or have a question for a respiratory therapist, we offer 24-hour emergency service to our customers.

Oxygen Delivery Methods

There are three basic ways oxygen can be delivered.  Oxygen concentrators are the most common and they are machines that concentrate the oxygen in the air we breathe.  Compressed cylinders contain oxygen under pressure and allow portability.  This pressurized oxygen is measured in pounds-per-square-inch with a gauge, or psig.

Liquid oxygen is oxygen that has been cooled to allow it to turn into a liquid.  This liquid is converted back into a gas when it’s brought back to room temperature.  Liquid systems require no electrical power and can be packaged for portability.  Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment does not offer liquid oxygen systems but offers the safer more reliable and convenient oxygen modality called Homefill by Invacare.

Using Oxygen Therapy in Your Charlotte Home

Once the oxygen delivery method is decided upon, an appliance must be used to deliver the oxygen to the patient.   The most common are nasal cannulas and oxygen masks.  Nasal cannulas are prongs that are inserted into the nose and are suited for most needs.  Nasal cannulas are easy to use and disposable for convenience. Cannulas work exactly the same whether the user is a mouth breather or a nasal breather.

Oxygen masks cover the entire nose and mouth areas and are intended for higher flow rates and oxygen percentages.  A good seal on the face is needed to deliver accurate oxygen amounts, and it’s important to never obstruct or block the vents outside of the mask that allow exhaled air to escape.  Should you require an oxygen mask we will be happy to provide these to our oxygen therapy patients.

No matter what type of oxygen therapy equipment you need, our team will show you how to work either Invacare’s Homefill Oxygen or a concentrator, so you can have the freedom to fill your tank at your convenience. We will even set up your oxygen system at your Charlotte home.

Portable Oxygen Options

There are many models and manufacturers of portable oxygen systems and devices, including the Invacare Homefill. Your physician can help decide whether you are able to tolerate a conserving device for your oxygen, which can increase your available options when it comes to portable oxygen. Most of the smaller devices either require a “pulse” dose of oxygen or only offer a continuous flow feature at 2 liters per minute. Your physician or a respiratory therapist should be able to determine whether you can trigger the conserving device. Basically with a nasal cannula in your nose, upon inhale, you will trigger the device to deliver you a burst of oxygen. As opposed to the unit or tank always delivering oxygen it only delivers it when you are going to use it, thus extending the length of time a tank will last.

Contact Us for Oxygen Therapy in Charlotte

If you need oxygen therapy for home use, we are here to help! Carolina’s Home Medical Equipment has respiratory therapists and experienced customer service representatives on staff to help you with your oxygen therapy needs. From working with your physician to providing on-going and 24-hour support, we’re here to help you live life with independence and freedom. Call us today at (704) 846-7503 or fill out our contact form below to learn more!