DreamWear Full Face Mask

DreamWear Full face mask combines the innovative hose on the top of your head design with a full face cushion that prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge.

  • DreamWear Full Face’s innovative design prevents red marks, discomfort or irritation on the nose bridge.
  • Users reported being more satisfied with the comfort of DreamWear Full face than with their prescribed mask.
  • In that same trial, users felt DreamWear Full face provided more freedom of movement when they sleep versus their prescribed mask.


  • Compact Cushion Creates Open Field of Vision
  • Unique Hose Connection – Great for Side Sleepers
  • Minimalistic Design With Fewer Parts
  • Hollow Frame With Supportive Headgear
  • Magnetic Bottom Clips
  • Fit Pack Includes Cushions of All Sizes – (S, M, MW, L)

Great for Side and Stomach Sleepers

By placing the hose connection on the crown of the head, it eliminates all the bulk from the front of the mask allowing natural side or stomach sleepers to sleep in their preferred position. This is a huge advantage for anyone who struggles to get comfortable at night.

Open Field of Vision – See and Do More!

With all the bulk cleared away from the compact cushion, you’ll see– and do– so much more while you fall asleep. Go through a normal routine! Read a book, watch TV, or send a text, while wearing your CPAP mask. The compact cushion covers the mouth and seals at the base of the nose, providing therapy air to both, without blocking the bridge of the nose.

Hollow, Cross Compatible Frame

Featuring the same hollow frame design as the Nasal and Nasal Pillow versions and a hose connection at the top of the mask. This means that the frame from the DreamWear Full Face is removable and interchangeable with the other DreamWear mask versions. The frame for this mask can be removed and used with the Nasal and Nasal Pillow masks and vice-versa. If using the frame from the Nasal or Nasal Pillow Masks, DreamWear Full Face Mask headgear would need to be purchased as the headgear is different from the Nasal or Nasal Pillow designs.

Supportive Headgear with Magnetic Bottom Clips

The low-impact headgear supports the cushion for the DreamWear Full Face by using bottom straps intended to provide additional support for a better seal. Magnetic clips help anchor the headgear in place, using magnets in place of tension and hard plastic, and are easy to attach and detach.

Fit Pack Includes Cushions of All Sizes

The DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask – Fit Pack includes cushions of all sizes: (S, M, MW, L), which can be helpful in finding the right fit. This is great for those who don’t know what cushion size will be right for them.

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