Charlotte CPAP machines If you have sleep apnea, or suspect that might be the cause for your fatigue and restless nights, you may have been doing some research about CPAP machines. However, at our Charlotte home medical equipment store, we’ve been asked a lot of questions that stem from myths about this type of treatment. To clear up any confusion and give you clear, useful information about CPAP machines, we’re going to debunk some common myths.

“Using a CPAP Machine Causes Sinus Infections”

A CPAP does not cause a sinus infection, in fact, bacteria is to blame. However, it’s important to learn how to care for your CPAP machine so you’re properly cleaning it to remove and prevent bacteria, but otherwise, you have nothing to worry about!

“If the Electricity Goes Out, I Could Suffocate”

Every CPAP mask is designed with ventilation ports for exhalation, and every one has to have FDA approval before it’s on the market. In nearly all cases, you’ll wake up if your CPAP blower stops during the night, but even if you don’t, you’ll still be able to breathe without hindrance.

“Continued Use of My CPAP Will Cure Sleep Apnea”

CPAP is an excellent treatment for sleep apnea, and when you use it, you should see near immediate benefit. However, it doesn’t cure sleep apnea, so even if you use it for a long period of time, when you stop using it, you will revert back to how you felt prior to CPAP intervention.

“I’m Afraid I”ll Depend on the CPAP”

You can’t become physically or physiologically addicted to your CPAP machine. However, using it in the way our physician prescribes will make you start to feel better and improve your health, so you may depend on the machine for good sleep, but you won’t go through any type of withdraw symptoms or anything of that nature if you stop. Stopping therapy is a choice that should only be made between you and your doctor.

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